Moonglow Avenue

Welcome to Moonglow

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Moonglow Avenue


Ryan, Jasmine, Nicole and Billy; Four ordinary kids who have an extra-ordinary secret. Only they know how to get into Moonglow Avenue. A street where all manner of fantastic creatures live. Witches and werewolves, Vampires and Mad Professors, anybody or anything that would not be expected in the normal world live on Moonglow Avenue.

“There have been no Trustkeepers in Moonglow
for over fifty years. The last Trustkeepers betrayed
us and were banished, the people of Moonglow
vowed to never again trust an outsider. It took a
great deal for the Professor and I to be able to
convince the Council to put our faith in you four

Sapphire – Trustkeepers of Moonglow



But now the residents of Moonglow need help from the outside world and must turn to the children who have been keeping their secret

“Well, it seems like you lot are determined to get
yourselves in trouble. If that’s the case, then it is
our job to make sure that you know how to handle
any trouble you might get into.”

Professor Funkle – Moonglow Avenue